Training of Trainers in Human Rights Education

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Training of Trainers in Human Rights Education

Between the 5th and the 13th of April 2016, our colleague Alina, took part in the Training of Trainers in Human Rights Education organised by the Human Rights Education Youth Network that took place in Caravaca, Spain.

"HRE Trainers" is a training for trainers in Human Rights Education with young people. This course aimed at developing the competences (skills, knowledge and attitudes) of trainers to develop human rights education activities with young people through different methodologies and tools but mainly through DRAMA and theatre based tools.
The contents of the course were:
1) HUMAN RIGHTS CORE: Theories, frameworks, legal instruments, treaties, etc
2) TRAINING ESSENTIALS: Facilitation, Training styles, Feedback, Group Dynamics, Trainers' values and role and program design.
3) METHODOLOGIES AND METHODS to be used and experienced in the course: Social Theatre, Impro Theatre, Drama Pretext, some selected Manual of HRE and particularly COMPASS Manual from Council of Europe.
The course was be inspired in the principles of Non Formal Education and all the sessions were based and structured through the pattern EXPERIENCE-FEEL-REFLECT. Theoretical inputs set the framework (sometimes at the beginning, sometimes at the end of the sessions) and experiential learning was the main working approach for the rest of the sessions. Participants went through two basic types of sessions where the focus is on Human Rights as such (knowledge and value based) and others about Training as such (skills-values oriented). There was also a moment during the course for pax to put into practice their learning, through sessions where they mastered their competences in designing HRE sessions for young people.
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