Beyond the Skin

Beyond the Skin

It is a KA1 Erasmus+ youth exchange project about dance, body expression and movement for young people to rediscover their body, learn form and about it and develop a new and healthy attitude towards it. Two of our volunteers are living this experience in Caravaca, Spain between August 2nd and 10th 2016.

The 23 young people from Denmark, Spain, Ireland, Italy, Armenia and Romania enjoy during the exchange different approaches for body work, dance and theatre and  create a performance together that is  shown in the town of Caravaca in a public event. The aim of  is to promote dance, body expression and choreographic theatre as a way to break social stereotypes or prejudices about refugees or migrants.

The "Beyond the skin" objectives are:

  • To create a safe space for exchange, mutual learning, and intercultural interaction among young people through artistic approaches and non formal education activities.
  • To raise awareness of young people about the healthy benefits of dance, choreographic theatre and body expression.
  • To develop young people's knowledge, skills and attitudes regarding the current refugees' crisis in Europe.
  • To foster young people creativity and spontaneity so that they find new ways for self expression.
  • To explore and learn how to create dance or choreographic theatre plays for breaking prejudices and stereotypes about migrants or refugees.

Here is the final performance prepared by the participants:

The video-summary of the project:

And the testimonies of the participants:

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