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  • Bd. Al.I.Cuza, nr.20, ultimul nivel 320088 Reșița Romania

Cine suntem?

Resita Volunteer Centre started its activity in 2005 as a partnership between NGOs and public institutions from our community: Activity Foundation for Human Resources and Sustainable Development, Resita City Council, Cogito Association, Bike Attack, and Egality Association. In 2006 it legally became an NGO and started working independently.

The Volunteer Center plays an intermediary role between the organizations in Resita need of volunteers and people’s desire and availability for volunteering in the community. At the same time, the centre is supporting and promoting the recognition of the value of volunteering within the community. Thus, our objectives are the promotion of non-formal education through volunteer work and supporting the NGOs capacity to offer volunteer services in the community. The centre gathers and manages the both local volunteer resources and initiates its own activities or supports the initiatives of the volunteers.